Complaints Handling

Guarantee on goods

The warranty period is calculated from the date when the Buyer took possession of the goods.The statutory warranty period is 24 months. The Seller may extend this warranty period. In this case, it is indicated for specific goods in the shop and also on a guarantee document (invoice).If there is an exchange of goods, a new warranty period of 24 months commences. After settling the claim, the warranty period is extended by the duration of the claim.In the case of an apparently unjustified complaint, where the appearance of illegitimacy must have been obvious to the average consumer, the warranty period is not extended.

Acceptance of the goods means the moment of handing over the goods from the Seller to the Buyer or an employee of the carrier handing over the goods to the Buyer. As a document of warranty, the Seller passes to the Buyer proof of purchase (invoice) with an indication of the data as given by the law.

At the request of the consumer, the Seller must provide a guarantee in writing (warranty). If it is the nature of the goods, instead of the warranty certificate it is sufficient to provide the Buyer with a proof of purchase of the goods which contains the details which must be included on warranty certificate.If given more than the statutory warranty, the Seller shall determine the conditions and the extent of the warranty extension on the warranty certificate.The warranty certificate must contain the name and surname, name or trade name of the Seller, identification number, registered office in the case of a legal person, or residence in the case of a natural person.

Warranty Conditions

The Buyer is obliged immediately after receiving the goods, along with the carrier, to check the external condition of the goods (the packaging is intact, number of parcels) according to the delivery list.In case the consignment is obviously incomplete or damaged, the Buyer is entitled to refuse to accept such consignment.

An incomplete or damaged consignment must be immediately notified to the address the case of damaged shipment, it is necessary to draw up a damage report with the carrier and to immediately send it to the Seller.

The address for submission of a complaint is SMILE MUSIC s.r.o., Vršovická 16 101 00 Praha 10. The goods may not be sent cash on delivery, otherwise they will not be accepted by the Seller and they should be insured. The consignment should also include a copy of the purchase receipt and a description of the problem or reason for the complaint. The Buyer selects the preferred method of settling the claim (see below).

Receipt of goods for the complaints procedure must be confirmed to the Buyer by the Seller immediately and in an appropriate manner (in principal by an e-mail or in person at the store), specifying the date of application, what is contained in the complaint and what method of claim the Buyer requests, and without undue delay.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use or improper or inadequate treatment or any damages resulting from such use.For electrical appliances, the warranty does not cover damage caused by the effects of surges in the electricity grid. The guarantee does not cover mechanical damage, damage due to use in conditions that do not meet the conditions specified by the Seller or manufacturer defects caused by improper installation or failure to care for the goods, or excessive loading, which is contrary to the recommendations of the retailer or manufacturer. The warranty does not apply to damages resulting from unauthorized modification, and damage caused by natural elements or force majeure.

Complaints Handling

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