Price and delivery

Price and delivery date for pre-orders

The date of delivery of goods is not made at the time of order (hereinafter referred to as "pre-ordered goods"), as well as the price of these goods are for guidance only.In most cases, the price during the pre-sales / bookings remain unchanged, however, the Seller reserves the right that if a change occurs, he will inform the customer in due time, and the customer has the opportunity to cancel the pre-order if the changed price is not acceptable to him.

VAT and Discounts

After putting discount code percentage or exact amount will be deducted in CZK including VAT.

Status of availability od goods

Out of stock

This product is temporarily out of stock. You will be notified when restocked by newsletter.

Temporarily unavailable

We work hard to restock this product as soon as possible.

Stocked at the supplier

We don’t have goods from foreign supplier stocked. Once we accept your order and payment, we request your product. Upon receiving it, it will be immediately shipped to your address. Please note, that due to covid restrictions, the delivery time could be longer than usual. You will be notified on your order status by an email. In case you’d like to know more about your order, please contact us. This order cannot be paid by cash on delivery.

On demand

The on-demand products are often rare and special priced goods. Supplier stocks can vary and we need to check the availability first. Once the product is available, we will send you an invoice. Upon your payment, we order the product for you and ship it over once we got it. This order cannot be paid by cash on delivery.

We are also capable of offering you other interesting products. Our motto is personal communication with customers. We are looking forward to orders tailored to your desire.


This product is ready to be shipped from our warehouse. Can be paid by cash on delivery.


Payment conditions and the proprietary title

Payment for goods ordered can be made in the following ways:

Title to the goods passes to the Buyer by his acceptance (subject to payment of the purchase price, or paying the first instalment of the repayment scheme). The payment date is considered the day on which the amount corresponding to the purchase price incl.VAT is credited to the account of the Seller or the receipt of cash payment.


Delivery terms

Goods can be transferred to the customer in the following ways:

Price for transportation is listed on this page.

An incomplete or damaged consignment must be immediately notified to the address the case of damaged shipment, it is necessary to draw up a damage report with the carrier and to immediately send it to the Seller.


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